To utilise the full features of SensusFit you need an Apple Watch and an iPhone. Nevertheless, iPhone users without an Apple Watch can still utilise SensusFit App but with limited features. Users of other truckers, can still use SensusFit with extended features, provided that they allow their fitness data to upload in Apple HealthKit.

Download the SensusFit on your iPhone and enter the digital fitness era.

Click here to download SensusFit App from the App Store.

The first time you run the SensusFit App on your iPhone, you will be prompted to Sign-In with your User Account, or Sign-Up to register a new User Account.

When you create a new User Account, we ask for some Personal Data, including your name, email address, date of birth, location, gender, height and weight.  You will also be asked to create a unique user name (the “User Name”) and a password (the “Password”).  We use this information to determine your personalized data stats and provide you with insights about your progress and activity.

To utilise the full features of SensusFit App we ask you to authorize the App to access your data in the Apple HealthKit and upload your activities (e.g. walks, runs, swims etc.) and activity data (e.g. steps, distance, activity time, calories burned, heart rate, sleep, etc.) from the Apple HealthKit to the SensusFit App (your “Activity Data”).  This enables SensusFit App to help you to analyze your Activity Data, track your fitness goals, and, if you wish, compare and benchmark your Activity Data with others, your friends or other App users.  You control whether others can see your Activity Data by managing the privacy settings in your iFitness App account.  In any case, even if you choose to compare and benchmark your Activity Data, your Activity Data will be identified through your User Name and not through your real name.

The management of your Personal Data is governed by our Privacy Policy.